What To Do This Summer Besides Ski

As you begin to put your skis away and buckle up those boots for the last time you may feel a creeping dread begin to run through you like so many of us here at Ski Butlers do. After months of knowing exactly what you were going to be doing every week and where you were going to be doing it, it all suddenly came to an end. Now you have to ask yourself that dreaded but exciting question, what am I going to do this summer? For a lot of us within the ski industry this mainly entails continuing our search for adrenaline in other ways besides skiing. Trying to find anyway we can to stay in shape for the inevitable beginning of next season. Luckily, there are so many great things to do and ways to stay in shape this Summer that will still give you that rush you’re craving from skiing. Here’s a few ideas of things to do and activities to get into to help get you started.

Mountain Biking

Seen as summer skiing” to a lot of people. Mountain biking is a great way to not only stay in shape but to fill that void that skiing does over the winter. The best part is that a lot of resorts keep their lifts spinning over the Summer and maintain a variety of different mountain biking trails for all skill levels. Places like Deer Valley and Jackson Hole are both known for having great biking during the Summer months and can allow you to scope out some zones before the snow hits and start planning those lines.

Rock Climbing

A bit trickier to get in to but worth it once you’ve been rewarded with making up a hard pitch. Rock climbing is a great way to work those upper body muscles that may have been brushed aside over the Winter for the legs. If you’re new to the sport there are plenty of places with indoor rock climbing that are perfect for helping you with advancing your skill level. Once you’ve gotten comfortable enough with your knots and your ropes, head out and do some climbing of your own within some amazing places across the West. 

White Water Rafting/​River Rafting

Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing that rocketing down a river, as water splashes in your faces while attempting to make it through a crazy bit of rapids. White water rafting and river rafting can be great activities whether you’re trying to raise that blood pressure or lower it depending on how you flow. There’s a ton of great white water rafting throughout many of the locations that we service along with river rafting as well. Southern Utah is a great place for some mellow rapids with long peaceful sections in between that are great for fishing or just taking in the scenery.


Speaking of fishing, this may just be the most popular Summer activity of all time. There’s nothing quite like casting out the rod, cracking a cold one, and waiting for a bite. Either on a boat or on land there’s nothing quite as relaxing. If you want to add a bit more, you could always try out fly fishing. There’s plenty of quiet river beds that are great for training that casting arm as you try to find the perfect fly to cast with.


You can never forget about camping because it’s the string that can intertwine multiple summer activities together. Either you have a specific spot to go to or you’re just winging it through some BLM land, the joy of sitting around a fire under the stars is one unlike any other. There are tons of national parks throughout the West that have more than enough spots to camp out in while you explore their wonders. There’s also nothing wrong with finding your own quiet, free spot as well. Researching into what BLM land is around you or the location that you want to check out is a great cost efficient way to camp without the normal noise that can be found at more popular campgrounds. 


If those craving aren’t going away this Summer, always remember that it’s still winter somewhere. Hope on a flight to Portland, Oregon and experience the famous Palmer Glacier on Mt. Hood.

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