Where do our seasonal employees work during the Summer?

As a seasonal business, Ski Butlers employes lots of awesome people in the wintertime that find other means of supporting themselves financially through the summer months. Now that our shops have closed down for the summer, many folks in mountain towns are looking for work. Common summer jobs in ski towns typically include working the summer tourist season, such as working as a raft guide or workong on a local golf course in some capacity. Although it can be challenging finding work each season, many people enjoy this consistent change of pace in their work environment. I wanted to take this opportunity to give an update to what a few of our employees from our Breckenridge location are doing this summer before returning to Ski Butlers in the fall.

One of our team leaders, Jamie, spends his summers as a charter fishing boat Captain for a company called Angling Unlimited in Sitka, Alaska. This allows Jamie to pursue his passion for snowboarding in the winter, and his passion for fishing in the summertime. The seasonaity of both of these jobs allows Jamie to satisfy his wanderlust as well, as there is always a bit of time in between jobs. Jamie has used these periods of time wisely, choosing to travel all over the globe from the deserts of Utah to the high peaks of the Himalayas.

Photo Credit: https://​anglin​gun​lim​it​ed​.com/​d​t​_​t​e​a​m​/​c​a​p​t​a​i​n​-​j​a​i​m​e​-​teal/

One of our Ski Technicians, Mike, chooses to spend his summer locally, building new trails and maintaining existing trails as an employee of the Town of Breckenridge. As an avid mountain biker in the summertime, Mike wanted to find a job that allowed him to give back to the trail system that provides him so much enjoyment all summer long. Thanks Mike!

Photo Credit: https://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​a​b​w​r​E​5​Efu6I

Bobby, the General Manager of our Summit County location, chooses to spend time with friends and family at home in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. With the busy winter season at Ski Butlers, Bobby gets little time to travel to see his family, friends, and long time girlfriend. So, in the summertime, he takes advantage of the slow season at Ski Butlers and works part time at a local brewery in the Richmond area to support himself while he enjoys plenty of R & R with loved ones. 

As a part of the year round staff of Ski Butlers, after getting some R&R myself, I spend my summer getting our Colorado locations setup to deliver legendary service to our guests in the coming winter of 2018 — 2019. Most of my time will be spent hiring for the following season, with the remainder of my time spent on shop organization and cleaning, and fine tuning the systems and software we have in place that allows our seasonal employees to get the job done efficiently when our customers are in town! In my off time, I plan to spend my weekends camping and mountain biking the seemingly unlimited trail networks in the ski towns of Colorado. See you on the trails!

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