Where I would eat if I was Vacationing in Aspen

I was originally going to write about Eating Affordably in Aspen”, because the thinking is that you have to have a net worth of at least 500K to eat well around here. Which at some places, you do. But I got thinking, who wants to hear about that. With Bar” menus at most restaurants, anyone can find a way to eat cheap. Plus, Rachael Ray already did this. So I thought, what if it was what I” would do if I was a tourist and wanted to enjoy awesome places and make a whole day of it. So here we go.…this is what I would do if I was vacationing in Aspen this winter.
Breakfast is such a struggle for me, not the getting up for it” part but paying someone to make it for me. It seems so simple, pour milk on cereal, crack egg onto hot piece of metal, push toast into toaster. But where I consistently fail is in the hash-browns or home fries department. I just cannot get them anywhere close to what you get in a real breakfast place. I either burn them to a crisp or leave them so soggy I may as well had them raw. I have come to the conclusion that you can only make these on a skillet that has seen more potato’s than Idaho. So with that realization my first stop would be Main Street Bakery, for either an egg sandwich and hash-browns or the Breakfast Burrito with a side of hash. Got to fuel up for skiing you see. After stuffing myself, it’s off to Highlands.…
After a couple laps in the bowl and grabbing some free Clif Bars from the Mountain Hosts I want to relax, soak in the amazing views and have a good time. Being the savvy traveler, last night I made a reservation for me and my friends at Cloud Nine, which sits mid way up Highlands and has probably the nicest views of any restaurant I’ve ever been too (that’s not saying much but google a picture, you get what I’m saying). Cloud Nine is known for a couple things — Incredible views, excellent food, champagne, wine, booze, and somehow always ending with dancing on the tables. Count me in for all of this. (Just be careful, you do have to ski down).
Cloud Nine is basically the off-ramp to Apres City so it’s important to keep the party going. Grab the bus, head to Aspen, keep the ski boots on and clomp over to Justice Snows for one of their craft cocktails, it can be a wait, but it’s totally worth it to feel like Don Draper in ski boots. On to the next spot, Finnbar’s Irish Pub, because it’s an Irish pub. Have you ever heard a person say Yeah I was in this Irish Pub and it was boring.” Nope, you haven’t. They have about 600 Square feet of TV when you combine them all, any and every game is on, it is beautiful and they have tons of beers on tap. I might not leave here if I end up in the couches by the fire place.
I would probably change into street clothes at this point, I do want to be able to walk tomorrow. I would head straight to Jimmy’s, get a spot in the bar to start, order a Moscow Mule and figure out the rest as the night went on. You absolutely cannot go wrong with anything on the menu and this place usually turns into a mix of bar/​lounge/​salsa dancing/​nightclub that does not disappoint. I will not need to go anywhere else, except to bed.
Next Morning:
May not feel 100% but it’s bluebird and there is fresh snow — best medicine to make you feel back on top of your game.

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