Where to Stay in South Lake Tahoe

When travelling to South Lake Tahoe, you have a bevy of options to choose from when you are searching for a place to lay your head at night. There are large casinos that reach towards the mountain peaks with entertainment and slots ringing late into the wee hours of the night. Mom and pop style B&B’s line the side streets with their own subtle charm. There are vacation clubs, traditional hotels, motor lodges, and rental houses to choose from. Where do you start?

Let’s start with the elephants” of Lake Tahoe Boulevard: The Casinos. They are large and in charge of the main drag in South Lake Tahoe. Bright lights, a hefty dose of brass fixtures, and tinted windows are the hallmark of these institutions. Inside, you’ll find free cocktails and enough entertainment to keep your vacation filled to the brim with fun. Big name musicians and comedians routinely visit these casinos and put on shows for an adoring public. Whatever your tastes, chances are, they have it. While you may not get the mom and pop” feel of a traditional ski vacation, you will be sure to please the whole family with a stay at the casino. If you happen to get a room at the top of one of these giant hotels, you will also get some of the best views of the lake you will find in the Tahoe basin.

The options for lodging don’t stop there when it comes to South Lake Tahoe. If you are travelling with a large group, you have the consider renting a private house. With the advent of sites like VRBO and AirBnB, there are many opportunities to link up with a homeowner eager to rent out their mansion. You may have to cook your own food and drive to the casinos to play the slots, but these slope-side homes are the picture of convenience and value. You can bring all of your friends and have a truly memorable ski vacation.

If a casino or a house rental isn’t exactly what you are looking for, there are many traditional hotels and lodges to choose from. There are also fantastic bed and breakfast options in the area as well. These are great if you are looking to add a more personal touch to your vacation. The long-time residents of South Lake Tahoe pride themselves on their local community and their knowledge of the region is unparalleled. They will point you in the right direction no matter where you turn and are willing to offer up great advice on where to ski, where to eat, and how to hold on to your hard earned money when you decide to step into the casinos. 

All in all, there are so many options when you come to South Lake Tahoe. Whether you are looking to party all night or settle in to a relaxing night’s sleep, the options are plentiful. The perfect vacation is waiting for you and no matter where you decide to lay your head, there is great skiing and an amazing view to behold of the most beautiful lake in the world.

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