Whistler Welcomes The New Recruits

The leaves have changed and the Shoulder Season” has begun. This is the time of year where we start to see numerous new faces coming to town from all over the world. It is a bright start to the winter season as we see smiley newcomers with resumes in hand.

It is an exciting road for anyone new coming to Whistler and they must face a few challenges that come with moving to a World Class Resort. One of the first hurtles is trying to find accommodations. For decades Whistler has been challenged with trying to accommodate all the new arrivals every season. When you finally find something available, you end up having to share a room, which still costs you half a months salary. You think you have saved enough traveling money to sustain yourself until you get your first pay check, but most of it is allocated to first and last months rent and damage deposit.

The next challenge is to find a job. There are plenty of jobs available, but to find one with the right criteria is the goal. You will need a flexible schedule to allow you to Ride an ample amount of days. You also want to work with people that are as passionate about riding as you are, so stories of Epic days can be shared amongst your peers. A job with Perks such as staff deals on new gear. But most importantly a job that is fun and rewarding because of the people you interact and work with.

I can think of a great place to work that encompasses these and more.

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