Who Needs a Ski Butler?

The short answer: Anyone who needs ski or snowboard gear, needs Ski Butlers.

Photo: Courtesy of Copper Mountain

Whether you’re visiting Tahoe, Park City, Aspen, Steamboat, Vail, or any of the other 42 ski resorts Ski Butlers services this winter, you have one thing in common with other ski-cationers. You want to maximize ski time, family time and minimize logistical hang-ups. Around 12 million Americans report that they’re active downhill skiers, according to Snowsports Industries America. They don’t all own their own gear.

Make your reservation with Ski Butlers.

Maybe you skied as a kid, or maybe you’ve never seen snow. You could be from Denver or Fort Worth. Regardless, your visit to ski country should run smoothly and allow you to enjoy the mountains without hassles. This is where we come in.

But hold on. Who actually uses Ski Butlers? 


Families who escape to the western mountains each winter know ski vacations include many checkboxes. Airfare. Car rental. Lodging. Meals. Lift tickets. Parking. Clothes. Skis, boots, poles, helmet and goggles.

Add to the checkboxes learning to ski or teaching your kids, and you see how ski trips can be heady ordeals. Even if you leave the little ones in the capable hands of a ski instructor, you want to set them up to succeed — before their first snowy tumble. All of you need the right gear.

Ski Butlers probably shouldn’t cook you dinner. But they will ensure you and your kids’ boots don’t pinch your feet and your skis are the right size. Without making you wait in line.

Casual Skiers and First Timers

Avid skiers love doing two things: skiing and helping other people ski. Ski Butlers crews are so enthusiastic, responsive, and helpful because they are avid skiers. They get to ski on their off days and enjoy helping people ski while they’re working. Their passion and expertise help first timers feel more comfortable.

What does this look like? Your Ski Butler is that whacky high school physics teacher who rambles lovingly about angles, velocities, and theories while you try to keep up. Despite the knowledge gap, you get all the homework help you need, and you ace the final. The difference — acing a ski day is way more fun than acing a test. 


Valentine’s Day on the mountain was a great idea. But now you’ve accidentally led your partner, a delicate intermediate skier, down a black diamond mogul run. Just be confident!” you holler uphill as he crumples halfway down the run, legs twisted into a pretzel. You got this!” Even from the bottom, you can see his exasperation.

Any boyfriend or girlfriend who tries to teach their partner to ski knows this scenario could end either with tense awkwardness or light-hearted camaraderie. One key to achieving the latter? The right gear.

Basic rental shops can get you outfitted in the morning. But when he makes it to the bottom of the mogul run and directs his frustration at the ski that just kept popping off every time he tried to turn, you’ll want someone readily available who can adjust his equipment.

You call your Ski Butler, and thirty minutes later the three of you are laughing it up as he dials in your gear. After the break and the encouragement, your partner’s itching to try again. Crisis averted!


You see them all over, right? Those leaders at work who try to arrange wins’ for their employees. Great team-bonding activities go a long way. They help people de-stress and connect, and they make supervisors look good. 

A company ski day has all the potential to be one of these wins.’ If, that is, it flows as smooth logistically as the projects the supervisor leads at work. As the boss, imagine you get everyone to the mountain only to have their enthusiasm drained by lines at the rental shop. Inside, they sweat through awkwardly trying to wrestle their feet into ski boots of various sizes. You’re further delayed as the shop digs up two more pairs of 181-centimeter rental skis.

The crew’s exhausted before they get to the lift line.

Here’s your alternative: You communicate your team’s rental needs to a Ski Butler ahead of your trip. On the morning of your arrival, he meets you with all the gear and doesn’t leave until everyone in your crew is ready to rock. Thinking of making the trip an overnight instead? He’ll meet you at your hotel the night before your ski day to ensure maximum ski time on the mountain.

Wedding Parties

Picture this scenario: You’re the Best Man, and you just crushed the first day of the bachelor party. Everybody skied hard, nobody got hurt, and you even got some fresh snow.

It’s the end of the day, and a couple of the guys just got invited to grab beers by the fire pit outside your condo with a group of women having — no joke — an on-mountain bachelorette party. Traditionally you’d have to ski to the rental shop and wade through a crowd of other people returning their gear during the four o’clock rush. Then you’d have to find your way back to the condo. Could be a real buzz-kill.

Alternatively, you could just leave your gear in the lobby of your place, where the rental outfit will pick it up for you. Maximum vacation, minimum stress. And you don’t have to feel embarrassed when that group at the fire pit tells you they rented from Ski Butlers. Now go grab a beer!

Ski Butlers offers convenient ski rental services driven by our passion for the sport. Make your reservation here.

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