Why I work for Ski Butlers

I joined the Ski Butlers team in 2010 with about 3 years of ski shop experience and just under a decade worth of experience in customer service. I had gone to college, poked around in a multitude of careers varying from law to radio, and yet I continued my journey in search of the perfect fit. The closest I had gotten, I had realized, was being in a ski shop. Something about the excitement every fall, as the air becomes crisp and an entire town starts anticipating the freezing temps and welcoming snowfall. The equipment fascinated me, as did the shop culture. I was being pulled in. And I was in love.

Why Ski Butlers, though? Why do I choose to work for this particular company, year after year, when there are literally dozens of others within my community of Steamboat Springs? Well to begin with, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a ski shop. I actually see that as a perk. Yes, you read that right. Though the ski industry is where I’ve realized my heart is, the fact that I work for Ski Butlers is much deeper than just the snow.

The people, our culture, the vision of Ski Butlers and the entrepreneurial spirit that it instills into its team members are all reasons why I work for Ski Butlers. The people that make up this company are like-minded individuals who are driven, passionate and innovative. Pair that up with one of the best cultures on the planet that inspires each team member to always do their best and to give back to their community, and you have one mighty company. 

The culture of Ski Butlers, which is based off of an always evolving vision of legendary service, also inspires each of us to work as entrepreneurs. A company that embraces and encourages independent thinking creates such happiness within our shops. And that’s probably the number one reason I work for Ski Butlers. Happiness. Anyone who can truly say they love their job, understands how lucky we are. Ski Butlers has made me incredibly happy over the years and it’s a true joy to be working for such an innovative, passionate and driven company. 

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