Why Rent Bikes in Aspen? And Other Bike Questions.


We often get a lot of questions about biking in Aspen or around the Valley. So I thought I would answer here some of the questions we frequently get.
  • Why would I rent bikes?
    • Parking in Aspen can be a bit of pain, especially during Holidays or weekends, and when you do find a spot it might not be close to where you want to go. Having the option to bike gives you the freedom to park” almost anywhere (there are bike racks on almost every street).
    • You can ride the bike trails around town, like the Rio Grande. They are much prettier than the roads you have to drive on.
  • Is it safe to ride them around town?
    • In an effort to make the city more Bike and Pedestrian friendly, Aspen has designated bike lanes throughout the core and has added miles of bike path around the city. Additionally, in the summer, many of Aspen’s residential streets become Bike-Only. You can navigate to most of the core and surrounding city, without having to deal with cars.
  • How easy is it to ride? Do I need to be in great shape?
    • While we are in the Rocky Mountains, the City of Aspen is fairly flat and easy to ride. From North to South there is only an 80 foot elevation gain.
    • While being in great shape is generally good for you anyways, our bikes are geared in a way that you can pedal fairly easily while getting uphill.
  • Where can I leave the bikes?
    • Most streets in the core of Aspen have bike racks open to the public. You’ll see bikes locked to street signs, light poles, bike racks, or other bikes. The one No-No” is to lean your bike against a young tree — they can’t support the weight and it could kill the tree. Even though theft is not a big issue in Aspen, all of our bikes come with locks.
  • Doesn’t it take too long to ride into town?
    • You can get from the west end of town to the east end in less than 10 minutes, the pedestrian mall is just 5 – 7 minutes from anywhere in the city. It takes less than 15 minutes to cycle in the the Aspen Core from Aspen Highlands, Red Mountain or the Hunter Creek Area. If you factor in traffic and parking, it is usually quicker to bike into town.
  • What happens if I have a problem with my bike?
    • While our bikes are regularly inspected and maintained, things like flat tires or squeaky chains can happen. If it does, Bike Butlers is available to help you out. Just a phone call away we can come swap a bike or even try to meet you along the trail to offer support. Same great service we provide with Ski Butlers, just with bikes.

I think the bottom line for me is that you get to see the area from a completley different perspective on a bike. You have the freedom to go different places, unrushed, unhurried, on your time. I love being able to cruise through an alley to get through a street, to park my bike where I want, not having to look for a space. If I see a park, or a store, or a friend, I can easily stop and relax, shop or talk. Riding a bike is the best way to do Aspen.

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