Why Rent From Ski Butlers

It is no secret that the traditional ski rental experience has long been thought of as a necessary evil of ski vacations. The long line full of tired parents and hyper kids waiting to get ski boots from the last decade is just how ski rentals are done, right? Wrong!

At Ski Butlers, the ski rental picture plays out a little bit differently because instead of you going to the ski shop we bring the ski shop to you. Ski Butlers is a ski rental delivery service that brings everything you need for your ski day right to the doorstep of your accommodations. Our Ski Technicians, who have all been trained with over 48 hours in customer service, do a professional boot fitting you and your entire party and make sure everyone’s equipment is professionally tuned. If there are any issues during your rental, Ski Butlers will meet you to fix those issues anywhere that is convenient for you, even on the mountain. When you are done we come and pick it back up, too! No lines, no wait, and a level of customer service that is unparalleled anywhere in the ski rental industry.

The Ski Butlers experience is much more than the convenience of a delivery service though. Our exclusive partnership with Rossignol, the most awarded ski company in the world, lets us buy new inventory at a much faster rate then other shops. In fact, our demo skis are new every year and no ski is older then 3 years old. This means you’ll be skiing on newer skis than at other rental shops and they will be some of the best skis currently being made, too.

While our skis are great, our people are even better. Ski Butlers recognizes that a happy team member creates better customer service and has created a culture that embodies passion for a mountain lifestyle and provides their employees with the means to pursue those passions. Our shifts are designed so that you can ski everyday and Ski Butlers shops have monthly service projects to stay involved in the communities we work in. This creates a strong culture that in turn creates the best ski rental experience possible for you.

Ski Butlers offers the most convenient ski rental experience around. When you rent with Ski Butlers you know that you are getting the best gear available backed by a team of dedicated people who are passionate about helping people experience the mountain lifestyle. Vacation is about dealing with as little stress as possible and maximizing the time you have to enjoy all that the mountains have to offer and Ski Butlers is happy to help with both of those.

See you on the slopes!

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