Why skiing is better than golf.

Last week I was at a chamber event chatting with a local guy who owns a boot fitting shop, we began chatting about how golf and skiing shared some similarities, but have some huge differences. His similarities stemmed from the fact that he would fix and install custom footbeds in both golf shoes and ski boots. Success in each sport can come easier if the fundamental issues are fixed, i.e. alignment, posture, pronation, etc.

As we further discussed the value of a good footbed he went on to say that the difference between the two lies in the fact that if you go out to play golf and at the end of the 18th hole you are +20, your swing was off and your stance was wrong, and the guy you were playing with was +5 you got beat and don’t particularly feel great about it. If you and the same guy are skiing down a trail, sure one of you may make better turns or get down the hill a touch quicker but you’re both going to have fun, you’re both going to get back on the lift and do the run again and again. I guess the difference is with golf there is a hard number at the end of the day to rate yourself on, with skiing it’s all about having fun!

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