Why to Fly?


We can all agree that the number one hassle of planning any ski vacation is simply, the transportation to the resort itself. As we become increasingly anxious to go play in the snow, getting to the actual playground is oftentimes the hardest part. Given the time constraints of anyone’s vacation, we all want to spend what limited time we have on the slopes, not transporting yourself to them. 

There’s only a handful of Mountain Communities that can tout their airport proximity like Aspen/​Snowmass. Aspen/​Pitken County Airport (ASE) is juxtaposed in the middle of Aspen’s four powerhouse ski resorts, with a maximum trip of 10 minutes to any one of them, it should be your first consideration when planning your next ski vacation. Take the hassle out of renting a car or loading up on a bus from a major city, while trying fight the traffic through inclement weather all the way in town the mountains. 

Not only is the location of Aspen’s airport unbeatable, but ASE has made it even easier than you may think. What makes any airport great? When I boiled it all down, it came to the number of total flights in. Three major airlines; United, American and Delta all have added or expanded their nonstop flights into Aspen, between all three airlines, they offer at least 164 total flights per week and up to 223 total flights per week during the holidays! See how these numbers stack up against other competing ski resort communities:

Source: Steiner, The Top 5 Ski Town Airports zrank​ings​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​s​/​s​k​i​-​r​e​s​o​r​t​s​/​t​o​p​-​5​-​s​k​i​-​t​o​w​n​-​a​i​r​ports

Also, these are the nine cities offering direct flights into Aspen daily: 


So when planning your next trip, remove one of the most stressful components by flying directly to Aspen to ensure you land within minutes of the ski slopes. Couple an easy flight into Aspen with the convenience of your ski rentals waiting at your door from Ski Butlers, feeding those winter desires has never been easier.

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