Why Working At Ski Butlers Lets You Have Your Best Winter

Looking to make the most out of your winter while you work? Then you’ve come to the right place because here at Ski Butlers we know that the reason people move out to these ski towns is because they only want to do one thing, ski. 

We’re the same exact way and most of us moved out here for that exact same reason and found that Ski Butlers is one of the best companies to make sure that you’re able to pursue your passion for the mountains while also getting paid. 

We are currently hiring at all of our locations across the country and are looking for like-minded individuals who have a passion for skiing to come work for us and enjoy a winter in one of the beautiful ski towns we deliver legendary service in. 

Here’s a few reasons why working at Ski Butlers allows you to have the best winter ever.

Free Ski Pass

If you’re not in college anymore, seeing how much it actually cost to buy a ski pass can be a humbling experience. We know what that’s like too, plus you can’t talk about the mountain customers will be skiing at unless you know that mountain as well. That’s why we offer free season passes to all our team members who work 30 hours a week. 

Another upside is you’ll always know a few people who have a pass to the same resort as you.

Get to Ski Almost Every Day 

The way we set up our shift changes make it possible for you to hit the slopes as much as you want either before or after work. All our shops have shift changes at 2 PM so depending on what shift you’re working, you’ll be able to get up to the mountain before or after work whenever you want.

Talk About Skiing All The Time

Whether you are an ex ski racer, or just getting into the sport, we will teach everything you need to know to be an expert Ski Technician. If you have a passion for the mountains then you probably already talk about skiing all the time. Now imagine doing that but getting paid for it. Whether it’s in the shop or out on a delivery, there’s never not a good time to bring up skiing in conversation. You might even learn a thing or two from your fellow team members.

Work With Like-Minded People 

The best part is that you’ll be working right alongside with like-minded people who are just as passionate about the outdoors as you are. Imagine coming into work everyday and knowing that you’ll know a few people who are 100% down to ski once you’re off the clock. Or finding someone who’s been around the mountain for a few years that can bring you to all the secret stashes. These are the types of people and relationships that have made Ski Butlers culture one of the best in the ski industry.

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