Wii Ski School

In the age of technology that we live in, people are now using game systems to practice and train for sports. The Nintendo Wii game system has several sports games that are helpful for athletes and more specifically snowboarders. Sure, the Shaun White snowboarding game is hardly educational, but it has a snowboard deck-like controller from which you control the game. I have never played this game and I wonder if it is really lifelike. Does it help you keep fine tune your riding skills and keep in shape during the off-season?

It is time that Nintendo comes out with a game for alpine skiing. The possibilities would be endless. The game could go from beginner level(green runs) all the way up to expert(double-black diamonds). Imagine, bombing down the resort of choice any time of the year.

I think the biggest hurdle behind this game would be a controller/​pad that can realistically simulate downhill skiing. But nonetheless, there is a huge market for a product that can physical educate and train novices and experts alike. The end result would be more skiers at the resorts. Which, in turn, brings revenue to the community through lodging, dining, ski rentals and retail purchases.

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