Will this be a good winter?

It’s that time of year again when we are teetering between the last days of Fall and the beginning of Winter. People in ski towns refer to this time as mud season, and it is defiantly a time for huge anticipations for what the season will be like. Many people who live in ski towns have something in common; we came to town for a winter to get a good quality season under our belts. Well…we got stuck, and as the saying goes, Come for the winters, stay for the summers.” It then rolls into the second season, then the fourth, and next thing we know we have made a major life decision and have done our best to make a career in a place where a yearly question becomes habitual; How much snow are we going to get this season?
I have been doing my homework and trying to get some good educated forecasts for this upcoming season and what I found is encouraging. Of course after last seasons poor snowfall, it won’t take much to make us really happy. The information I gathered is for the areas where Ski Butlers have locations: BC Canada, Northern California, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.
The end of this month we will see some precipitation with some rain and snow. Rain is good in late October, this allows the ground to get saturated then freeze, which allows for the first real snow of the season to sick on the ground. The stormy October will roll into a stormy November with the high precipitation going away for the middle of the month but having some very cold days. November ends with strong possibilities of some great storms, moving into a cold and above average snowfall December.
As we enter the New Year, we won’t see a ton of storms but the temps will stay low. This is normal for January, which we don’t mind due to how great Februarys are. We should see above average snowfall in February, and with average temps, it will be cold. Then comes spring, and who doesn’t like spring skiing.
We should be ending the season strong with above average snowfall for March. This means the April and May skiing for areas like Arapahoe Basin in Colorado and Snowbird in Utah will have the corn cycles we love. So in my snow detective work I am feeling confident that we will have some deep powder days, blue bird groomer days, and an all around quality season.
Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock and relive my first ski bum season, but I remind myself that I still live in a ski town and I have had many killer ski seasons under my belt. From the looks of it it’s going to be another killer season! In 2004 I moved to Park City, Utah; I was only going to stay for a ski season, then I wanted to stay for the summer. Now after three ski towns and almost seven years later I can’t wait to ask myself: How much snow are we going to get this season?

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