Words from a New Ski Butlers Owner

My name is Derek Rhodes and this past summer I purchased Ski Butlers Whistler.

It is November 6 and the busy winter season is fast approaching. I have a feeling of anxiousness and excitement in anticipation of this season. The autumn colours have fallen to the ground and Whistler has just received its first dusting of snow to the Valley.

This will be my first season as a Ski Butler. The excitement comes from the opportunity to push my skill level and extend my boundaries as a business person. The anxiousness comes from knowing that there will be many challenges to overcome while I am learning the business. However, as the days and tasks pass I feel that I am already increasing my organizational skills and am getting ready to lead my Staff into a hard working but fun season.

I have been involved in the Ski Industry for over twenty years. The biggest reason for this is because it’s fun. I enjoy living in a Ski Town and I love Ski Town People. With the addition of Ski Butlers, I have been connected to a brand new group of super fun Ski Town People and I think we really have the formula to enhance our season’s experience.

With the growth of Ski Butlers I hope to provide an opportunity to create a fun lifestyle for all those involved. This should be an incredible winter for skiing work and personal growth.

Also, I’m super excited to meet and take care of all our wonderful customers. 

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