WOW! Thanks to our Team Members for Delivering Legendary Service!

This is the point of the season where managers in all 10 of our Ski Butler stores are finishing up their hiring process, in which they search for the best employees they can find to deliver legendary service to our customers through the ski season. As the General Manager of our Breckenridge location, I know we are about to get the season started off on the right foot. With Thanksgiving coming this week, it signifies the first significant busy time in Breckenridge, and I am thankful to have an amazing team I can count on to deliver happiness to every customer.

What it is like to be a team member at Ski Butlers? Customer service is the name of the game. Managers at Ski Butlers understand very well how to teach the technical parts of the position, such as how to do a boot fit properly, or how to size a family into the appropriate gear. That is why when we hire our team each fall, we look for applicants that are passionate about customer service, are willing to work hard with a smile on their face, are passionate about living the mountain lifestyle, and are excited about the opportunity to show our customers how great of an experience skiing and snowboarding can be. 

Each team member at Ski Butlers is empowered to make their own decisions as they work through a shift, which leads to greater autonomy within the company. This also creates a team that has the skills and necessary knowledge to fix any problem as is arises, instead of having to call a manager to figure it out. As a manager within the company, I am here as a coach and a resource for our team members as they develop both personally and professionally through the season. This culture of empowerment is one of the many reasons I love to work at Ski Butlers.

As us managers prepare for our training week with our new employees, we are not only thinking about the technical skills a ski technician needs to WIN, but also about how to turn our passions into great experiences for each and every customer we interact with throughout the year. No doubt that the mission of our company will be revisited day in and day out not only through orientation week, but also through the season as well: To deliver happiness to our customers, team members, and partners by delivering legendary service.”

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