You Can’t Beat a Park City Summer

Almost anyone who spends a summer in a mountain resort town will tell you that it rivals the winter when it comes to the variety of activities you can participate in, and truth be told, it may actually surpass it. Park City, UT is no different. Being from the east coast, the thing I enjoy most about spending my summers in Park City is the fact that my friends and I never have to be concerned about planning our activity of choice around the weather. Growing up, I could never plan a hike, bike ride, or camping trip more than two days out because the weather was so unpredictable. If your trip was going to last more than one day it seemed you were almost certain to get wet or at least rendered immobile because of stifling humidity. A typical summer forecast in Park City looks more like something you would expect to see in San Diego than the Rocky Mountain west, except for the occasional afternoon shower that allows for the vibrant colors of the mountains to stay well throughout the summer. This is probably why it seems that increasingly places like Park City are becoming hot spots for Summer vacations. With a plethora of activities on tap for the outdoor enthusiast, Park City also offers a host of culture oriented events such as wine and food festivals, art shows and live music. 
On any given week from Memorial Day to Labor Day you will have the opportunity to attend several concerts at outdoor venues showcasing both local and national acts thanks to Mountain Town Music, which has sought out to make Park City the live music capital of the Rocky Mountains. After all the concert going you will more than likely be looking for a tasty meal and lucky for you events such as Savor the Summit, an event that sees every restaurant on Main St offer their signature dishes in a family style dining setting in the middle of Main St, seem to be the norm throughout during the summer. To wash down all the good food and music I would recommend the Park City Food and Wine Classic, which takes place at the Canyons Resort. 
These events are Park City staples year in and year out and represent the best that Park City has to offer during the off-season,” and I use that term very loosely. 

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