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Keystone Local Tips
Want inside info on where to eat, what trails are the best when it snows, where to ski first thing in the morning, what taxi company to use around town and more? Check back frequently to see our Keystone local tips directly from our local employees who are all skiers and riders. Get the inside track here!
Eat at the Alpenglow Stube: Located 11,444 feet in elevation in the Outpost Day Lodge, this is a must. You will be greeted by the charm of an old world-lodge, replete with the roaring fireplace and alpine setting. You will be treated to culinary masterpieces like roast duck breast and wood-grilled filet mignon; all prepared by award-winning chefs. 
Purchase an Epic Pass: If you ski more than 5-6 days a year at a Vail Resorts' mountain, then it makes sense. Only $619 for an entire season of skiing or riding!
Visit during non-holiday weeks: You can save up to 50% if you visit in off-peak times and you will have the ski trails to yourself.

Keystone Mountain Resort Guide
No matter what you like to do for your skiing vacation, Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado has something for everyone. Keystone Ski Resort is found in the White River National Forest and has three mountains perfect for all types of winter sports. It doesn’t matter the level of expertise you are, there is a slope for every rider. Colorado’s largest night skiing facilities are found here, as well. Other activities include snowboarding, tubing, and snow biking. With over 3,000 vertical feet and 3,000 areas of land, Keystone Ski Resort is the place to take your family for a fabulous ski vacation you’ll always remember.
Dercum Mountain is one of three mountains available for fun in Keystone. Peaking at 11,640 feet, skiers from beginners to experts will love the terrain here. Night skiing and tubing are available at Adventure Point. For a scenic ride, try the Mountain-Top Snowcat Tour and travel into Independence Bowl. The second mountain is called North Peak, and offers 11,660 feet of runs. You can also take snowcat tours on North Peak from the top of the mountain. The third mountain is The Outback. With 11,980 feet, the Outback boasts the best of Colorado’s skiing. A shuttle is available to get to the North and South bowl, called the Outback Cat Shuttle.
Keystone Ski Resort offers more than just the opportunity to ski. There are many fun and exciting activities to do most of the year, from the end of November to the middle of April. Some of these adventures include sleigh rides. Sleigh rides are a wonderfully romantic way to explore the beauty of Keystone while relaxing and listening to your tour guide talk about the history of the land. This one hour tour is available for both adults and children, and reservations are required. For a dining experience you will never forget, take a dinner sleigh ride, and enjoy a home cooked cowboy meal. Call 1-800-354-4FUN (4386) for more information.
A different type of activity at Keystone is gondola rides. You can take them up to the tops of Dercum Mountain and North Peak, whether you are planning to ski down or simply want to take a ride. For those who simply want to relax and enjoy the scenery, a foot passenger ticket is available for purchase. The view from the top of Dercum has been the backdrop for thousands of pictures, and night-ski gondola rides are also available.
Outdoor ice skating is another popular attraction found at Keystone Ski Resort. Located right in the middle of Lakeside Village, the ice skating rink is the biggest of its kind out of every outdoor skating rink in the United States. Hockey games are routinely played, while others simply skate around. As a background, festive music plays while you are skating and holiday lights twinkle, making it a great place to get the perfect family picture. The rink is open from 10 am to 10 pm, giving guests plenty of time to lace up their skates.
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History of Keystone
When Max Dercum founded Keystone back in 1970, along with his wife Edna, he knew how much fun it was to slide down snowy mountains on a pair of skis. He knew the feeling was even better with a smile on your face, next to friends and family, in a beautiful spot high above the rest of the world. Along with the Dercums, Bill and Jane Bergman helped shape the Keystone we know and love today. Bill was the first president of the resort, and the inspiration for Bergman Bowl. Family, friends, and fun—that’s what Keystone has always been about. Today, Keystone stretches seven miles along the Snake River, over three mountains, 3,128 vertical feet, 3,148 acres of terrain, and three vibrant villages with shops, stores, bars, acclaimed restaurants, first-rate conference facilities, and wonderful accommodations to meet any need. Keystone also has two world-class golf courses, renowned mountain biking terrain, horse stables, spas, and much, much more. But it’s still just a place, high above the rest of the world, where going down a snowy mountain puts a smile on a person’s face. Come to Keystone and find out for yourself why Max was so right, and why one of the three mountains here is named after him. You can find the perfect line, let gravity do its work, and never let go of that smile.