Ski Butlers Customers Round-Up” Their Bill for Protect Our Winters

Park City, UT…Ski Butlers Round-Up” program raised $2,500 for Protect Our Winters (POW) for the 201415 ski season. POW is non-profit group leading the fight against climate change and was founded on the idea that the collective power of the winter sports community is massive, and if we can all work together, the end result can be revolutionary. 

We are very excited that our customers rounded-up” their bill to $2,500 this ski season,” said Bryn Carey, president and founder of Ski Butlers. This shows that companies can make a difference in the fight against climate change by leading and working with their customers and customers are going to begin making purchasing decisions based on more than just a product or a service but what a company stands for.” 

Core Value #7 is to Make a Difference in the Community. Part of the way to do this is through our Round-Up Program. Our round-up program raises money for local non-profits in the winter sports industry. Customers can round-up” their bill to $10.

About POW

POW’s mission is to engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change. Their focus is on educational initiatives, advocacy and the support of community-based projects, united towards a common goal of reducing climate change’s effects on our sports and local economies.

To learn more about POW, click here.

About Ski Butlers 

Founded in 2004 in Park City, Utah, Ski Butlers now serves over 35 North American resorts in Colorado, California, Utah, Wyoming and British Columbia, Canada. Ski Butlers award winning ski rental delivery service makes renting ski and snowboard equipment convenient and hassle-free all for the same price or less than most resort ski shops. Ski Butlers home offices are based out of Park City, Utah. 

For more information go to www​.SkiBut​lers​.com, call Bryn Carey at 4356401402 or email bryn@​skibutlers.​com.