Ski Butlers Delivers on Its Commitment to our Environment by Switching Banks

The climate is changing and that changing climate is putting the $887 billion outdoor industry, the landscapes, and the wildlife that we love, at risk. In Protect Our Winters Report Moving Mountains With Money,’ it proves that the economics and the science are clear about the risks of the current relationship between financial institutions and the fossil fuel industry and yet our banks continue to fund coal, gas and oil companies.

According to the Banking on Climate Chaos Report,’ in 2020 alone, JPMorgan Chase provided $51.3 billion in capital to fossil fuel companies for projects including the Tar Sands, Arctic oil and gas exploration, and fracking. The firm has provided nearly $317 billion in financing to the industry since the Paris agreement. Right behind them is Citigroup with $223 billion since Paris; Wells Fargo with $223 billion since Paris Agreement; and Bank of America, Barclays and BNP Paribas each rank in the top 10 fossil fuel financiers with totals above $120 billion since Paris. Combined, the world’s 60 top financial institutions financed $751 billion of fossil fuel projects last year and a staggering $3.8 trillion dollars since the Paris Agreement. 

Ski Butlers’ CEO, Bryn Carey, understands climate urgency and this year decided to shift the companies’ financial decisions with climate front of mind by leaving JPMorgan Chase to KeyBank. By considering the climate impact of Ski Butlers’ financial decisions, Ski Butler’s is now able to uphold both their values and long-term business interests in an a‑political, yet significant way. 

We want to be a part of the solution,” says Bryn Carey, CEO of Ski Butlers. One of the best ways to do this is for us to stop supporting banks that finance fossil fuels and at the same time supporting banks that do finance clean energy. This is the next movement in my mind. We are excited to help lead companies and individuals think twice about where they put their money.” 

Full disclosure, Ski Butlers was not able to find a local bank that has completely divested from the extraction industry but felt shifting to KeyBank, which has a public divestment strategy and has announced that lending to oil and gas is a restricted industry. KeyBank currently invests 1.8% of total assets in the fossil fuel industry (all of which is in storage, not direct extraction) but also has over $5.2B invested in renewable energy. This is a much better investment portfolio than Chase Bank. 

Carey also notes that moving banks is not easy. It tends to be a bank’s goal to capture your business and keep it, so you really need to be committed to the project, but there are great resources.” Protect Our Winters, Mighty or Reclaim Finance are perfect resources to help start the process. While in this process there are other Banks that have similar divestment strategies and/​or have completely divested from fossil fuels the journey each business or individual takes on this journey to find the best fit is really dependent on them. 

It is imperative that financial institutions feel the same heat that our mountain and outdoor communities are experiencing,” said Mario Molina, Executive Director, Protect Our Winters. That starts with making financial decisions with climate front of mind and putting our money where our mission statements, customers and future success lie: a livable planet. Doing this costs nothing beyond effort and time, but has the power to move mountains for climate. Clean air, clean water and a healthy planet are the cornerstone of the outdoor and snow sport industries. We applaud Ski Butlers for making this move and encourage other outdoor brands and consumers to follow their lead; putting their money in line with their future.”

In November 2018, analysts at Goldman Sachs noted that the divestment movement has been one of the main drivers behind the decommissioning of 60% of the coal sector over the past five years. Bryn Carey urges all to, not wait and find out where your money is going.”

For more information, please feel free to reach out to Paul Marshall at paul@​tightlinetactics.​com or Lora Bodmer at lora@​protectourwinters.​com


About Ski Butlers: Founded in Park City, Utah in 2004, Ski Butlers is a full service, ski and snowboard rental delivery company with operations in 50 resorts worldwide. Ski Butlers delivery, support and pick up services allow customers more time with their families, more time on snow and more freedom while on vacation. Expert ski technicians provide custom fittings for boots, ski and snowboard rentals in the comfort of guests’ accommodations, offer full on-mountain support throughout each rental period and will pick up all equipment on guests’ final day. Adding a seamless transition between all 50 of its locations, now including Cortina and Val di Fassa, Ski Butlers stores each renter’s equipment preferences in order to make future bookings that much easier. Based on customer reviews, Ski Butlers has earned the coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence as well as numerous awards globally, including being named one of America’s fastest growing businesses by INC. Magazine four years in a row from 2015 through 2018.

About Protect Our Winters: POW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that engages and mobilizes the outdoor sports community, including POW’s 50-million-person Outdoor State, to become effective climate champions through educational initiatives and political advocacy. Founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, Protect Our Winters works with businesses, athletes and communities to harness the collective power of those who love the outdoors to take meaningful action against climate change. For more information, visit www​.pro​tec​tour​win​ters​.org