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Whistler Mountain Resort Guide
Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain are both part of the Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort. Whistler-Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America. The resort is located about 77 miles north of Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Whistler-Blackcomb attracts many skiers from around the world.
Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain are large mountains with over two hundred total ski runs for beginning, intermediate, and advanced skiers. Each mountain has a vertical rise of nearly a mile from the Whistler Village base to each of the two summits. The ski season for this resort runs from November to June. Blackcomb Mountain also has a glacier skiing summer season that runs from June to early August. Snowboarding is permitted in specified areas of the resort.
Whistler-Blackcomb resort is located close to the Pacific Ocean, which causes interesting weather conditions. Whistler Village can be shrouded in rain and fog, while snow falls at higher elevations. Skiers can experience sunny days near the summits of each mountain and see scenic mountain views that are not visible from the valley. Mountain temperatures during the winter months usually average around 23 degrees Fahrenheit for daily highs, and 11 degrees Fahrenheit for overnight lows. The mountains average about 33 feet of snow annually.
Beginning skiers can use a learner’s area on Whistler Mountain, and they can find many easy, green ski runs to build their skills. Intermediate skiers can enjoy many scenic, tree-lined runs on both mountains. Skiers who like to ski in deep powdery snow can find bowls filled with powder. Advanced skiers can find many steep-dropping runs and mogul runs. There are trails with well spaced trees where skiing between the trees is permitted. This resort has many modern mid-mountain lifts. These lifts allow you to choose an area in which to ski without having to ski down to the village in order to catch a ski lift ride back up the mountain.
Whistler Village lies in a valley between Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain. Skiers can access skis runs on either mountain from ski lifts that start in the village. Whistler Village is restricted to pedestrians only and has many amenities within walking distance of the ski lifts, including over 100 hotels and condominiums. The village also has a free shuttle service. The village has over 100 restaurants and many other amenities for visitors to enjoy.
The Whistler-Blackcomb resort attracts many visitors in the summer months for several activities other than winter sports. Many visitors like to mountain bike, hike, and fish at this resort. Tourists also like to horseback ride and camp here. People can view the mountain scenery by riding gondolas, or taking helicopter or small plane tours.
Whistler-Blackcomb is always expanding and making improvements for visitors. A gondola that runs from the Peak of Blackcomb Mountain to the Peak of Whistler Mountain takes only eleven minutes to ride. The road from Vancouver to Whistler Village has been widened, making it much easier for visitors to get to the resort from Vancouver’s international airport.

The History of Whistler
Whistler's history began in the early 1900s, when the only residents in the valley were a few trappers who had settled into the area via the Pemberton trail. This trail was completed in 1877 and was intended to be used for cattle-driving, however the terrain was inhospitable and most cattle were lost. Word got around about the beauty of Whistler, and Alex and Myrtle Phillip were the first couple to purchase land in the glorious valley. Soon after, the village began to blossom with people and became a popular summer resort.
It was not until 50 years later that this resort was discovered as a skiing destination. Four Vancouver businessmen began the development of Whistler Mountain and it officially opened for skiers in 1966. A town site was developed in 1975 and construction began 3 years later on what was previously the area's garbage dump. Shortly after, Blackcomb Mountain opened and expanded Whistler's horizons being recognized as the top ski resort in North America. Whistler has continued to blossom since then, and has won many similar honors and awards and is still one of the world's best four-season holiday destinations.
After the two unsuccessful bids for the Winter Olympics, Whistler teamed up with Vancouver and bid again in 1998. With much success, the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2010 Winter Olympic Games to the cities of Vancouver and Whistler. The lifelong dream for the community has finally been reached.