Onslught of Tahoe Madness

Of all the reasons to come to Tahoe, 4th of July definitely draws the largest crowd.  As I drove to the beach, I saw six females with open containers hanging out of a cab. This really ruffled my feathers, but I was easily distracted when i noticed a jet ski trailer tipped over on the highway. I thought to myself, "lets get off the highway soon before someone hits us".  I finally got to the beach and realized I was in for the biggest crowd in Tahoe since I have lived here.  At Zephyr Cove, there were no boat or jet ski rentals available and the cave was absolutely full. I decided to get out of there quick and head home. As I drove back into town, I saw several ski rental shops selling off old equipment. I wonder if any of these summer tourists will be interested in ski rentals in the middle of Summer?

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