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Grocery Tote Bags

Greetings Folks,
I am here to acknowledge that times are changing. I was pleasantly surprised recently when checking out at the local grocery store. The thing that amazed me was not the cashier attendant with great customer service, but instead the fact that almost everyone around me had recyclable tote bags for their groceries. 
At Ski Butlers, every customer receives a a complimentary grocery tote bag each time we deliver to them.  We feel that by doing just this, we give back to the environment, the local community, and the recycling effort at large. In addition to providing a cool piece of Ski Butlers memorabilia for the customer, they are also ultra durable totes! I think the Ski Butlers tote bags are great for many reasons, but I'll give you just two:
- Versatility.. They are great for camping, carrying ski gear, traveling, organizing, storage, transporting and even delivery Christmas gifts!
- Recyclable...If we all do a little, we can make a BIG difference. Tote bags are a great way to start thinking this way.
On any given day it's seems the little things are what mean the most.Today, I thought just that about our tote bags and decided to share it with you. Hopefully you enjoyed and if you would like to check out some of my recent tote bag experiences, just view the photos attached: 

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Ski and Snowboard X World Cup a Big Hit in Telluride

We just finished a whirl-wind week with the Ski and Snowboardcross World Cup making a stop here in Telluride.  Not only am I lucky enough to work for Ski Butlers but I also work for the Telluride Ski Resort with the Competition Services Department or “Race Department”.  With the Race dept. we would do all the course preparation and maintenance needed in order to put on this event.


Breckenridge Ready for Dew Tour

Snow has arrived just in time for the annual Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships, which kicks off for its one and only stop this year in Breckenridge, Colorado! The Dew Tour is a 4-day action sports and lifestyle festival that runs from December 13th-16th in the heart of Summit County. The event features ski and snowboarding competitions with live music and the ultimate "Dew Tour Experience" where fans can enjoy athlete autograph signings, giveaways, games and more. Best of all, it's FREE!

The Dew Tour’s new format for 2012 includes a variety of events throughout the weekend, bringing the action sports and lifestyle festival to this historic mountain town. The world’s best skiers and snowboarders will throw down on the mountain while the hip-hop duo, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will headline the weekend with a live show at the Riverwalk Center in downtown Breckenridge on Saturday, Dec. 15.
The Dew Tour will feature the top names in men’s and women’s snowboarding hitting the Superpipe and Slopestyle courses. Olympic gold medalist Shaun White will bring his big air and one-of-a-kind tricks to the Superpipe, while brothers Jack and Luke Mitrani will once again attempt to keep him off of the podium! Last year’s Dew Cup winner, Louie Vito, will aim to gain his third consecutive Cup during the winner-takes-all weekend. Several snowboarders will be splitting their time between hitting features on the Slopestyle course and triple corking in the debut Big Air contest. Breckenridge local, Eric Willett will also be competing in Slopestyle and Big Air!
Freestyle skiing events include big names such as Simon Dumont and Tanner Hall who will meet in the Superpipe. They will also take on  Kevin Rolland, the winner of last year’s Dew Cup. Breckenridge team skier Bobby Brown will attempt to use home slope advantage against Nick Goepper and previous Dew Cup champ Tom Wallisch on the Slopestyle course. These three will also be among those competing in the Big Air competition. 
The Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships will be showcased across 11 broadcast hours on NBC and NBC Sports Network and across an all-new digital platform with live streaming, plus exclusive behind the scenes and in-depth content on The new broadcast platform will offer coverage from every day of the event and more live Dew Tour coverage on NBC and NBC Sports Network than any previous year.
For more info and schedule of the Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships visit:


This Blog Post is happily no longer relevant

So this time last week this blog post may have had some relevance - thankfully it no longer applies.  Why?  Because we got slammed with snow and there is much more in the forecast.

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