New Roles: Career Paths at Ski Butlers

First and foremost: there are always kinks to be worked out of any new process or role in any business. But it’s an integral part of staying current in an industry that demands such a high level of attention to detail. Customer service is our main priority, and we love to stay ahead of the curve. 

One new role I’ve already mentioned is Regional Manager, which is my position here at Ski Butlers. I oversee our operations here in Utah, based in Park City. I’m one of several Regional Managers. Sam Rakoc (you may have seen his name pop up here and there as he too is helping write blog posts this summer) is our Regional Manager of Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado. Frank Doss manages for our Northern Rockies Region: Big Sky, Montana and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And last but not least, our new-comer: Nick Garfield, who will be our Pacific Regional Manager, looking after our Lake Tahoe locations and working closely with our shop in Whistler, British Columbia. To reiterate, this role acts as the go-between General Managers of each shop and Home Office, in addition to having a hand in the business’ accounting, season planning, hiring, and staff management. 

Another role we’ve added to our team is Reservation Agent. Previously, all of our reservations were either done online by our renters through www​.skibut​lers​.com, or fielded by our team members at each individual location. We’ve found that, in order to give the kind of attention to each phone call we want to give, it takes quite a bit of time. And when you’re a Ski Technician, about to run out the door to do a delivery, you might not have that time. So we created a role that could take as long as needed to help each renter through the reservation process — from answering questions about our service, to what restaurant to eat at while in town to always giving the most up-to-date weather report. 

As you can imagine, we have a lot of moving parts here at Ski Butlers. Between skis and delivery vans, it’s enough to take up someone’s whole day. So we created the role of Resource Coordinator, whose job is just that. This position handles all of the equipment we use on a day-to-day basis to make sure our renters get the gear they need for their epic ski vacation. Whether that’s getting our vans into the garage for an oil change, or sending off our High Performance skis to get a full tune before a holiday weekend, this role makes each shop run smoothly. 

As you can see — every year, the team gets a little bigger. If you’re looking to join us, we’ll be posting job openings this coming August!

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