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Sun Valley

Like Ski Butlers does for your ski rentals, Sun Valley Airport (SUN) is making flying more convenient. A new fall and winter schedule will really provide easier access to getting in and out of Ketchum and Sun Valley, ID. Fly Sun Valley Alliance, a non-profit organization with the mission to Improve Air Service to SUN, has made great progress over the past couple of season to bring more flights in and out of SUN. Their work is making it easier for locals and visitors to get to Sun Valley no matter the time of year.

Two NEW flights coming in to SUN this Winter and Fall are:

  • Los Angeles (LAX): United daily flights Dec 19 — March 31
  • Salt Lake City (SLC): 3x daily Delta flights Oct 1- March 31 (2x daily 11÷2712÷19)

These new additions complement the already steady daily flights offered from Alaska, Delta and United for this Winter:
  • Los Angeles (LAX) — Delta daily flights 12201÷2 and Saturdays 15 — 330
  • Denver (DEN) — United daily flights 1219 — 331
  • San Francisco (SFO) — United daily flights 1219 — 331
  • Seattle (SEA) — Alaska daily flights 1213 — 331
  • Chicago (ORD) — United Saturday flights 1222 — 330

B combining these new flights and Ski Butlers for your ski rentals, it will be even easier to get on the slopes. For more information on flying into SUN, check out Fly Sun Valley Alliance.

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