Girls Trip in Beaver Creek: Two Adventure Photographers Fall in Love with Ski Butlers Stellar Service and the Beauty of Beaver Creek.

By: Krista Crabtree

Outdoor photographers Elisabeth Brentano and Breeze Turner thrive on adventure. For their jobs as photographers, they log many miles in beautiful places. For some of these trips, they have traveled together often resulting in adventurous moments like paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe during a windstorm and camping during a sandstorm in Nevada. Skiing, however, wasn’t yet on their adventure list. I started skiing a year ago, so my skill level can best be summed up as green runs and a whole lot of uncertainty,” says Brentano. Turner had logged in a few more miles on the slopes, but mostly on green runs. Both women wanted to improve their confidence and technique so that they could explore more of the mountain than just the beginner slopes.

Since all of Brentano and Turner’s travels are booked online, they were happy with the straightforward process of renting their ski equipment through Ski Butlers website. Renting is the best option for the two travelers, who aren’t ready to invest in a whole new gear setup, though they want to spend more time on the slopes. Renting gear is attractive for several other reasons: They lack the storage space where they live, and they often carry up to 30 pounds of camera gear per trip, so lugging ski gear to the mountains would be challenging for them. 

The process of booking their gear online was quick and easy. After inputting their measurements and ability levels, they were able to choose skis, boots and poles from a collection of premium Rossignol gear. An hour after they checked into their Highlands Slopeside condo at Beaver Creek, a Ski Butlers’ representative was at the door with their customized gear choices. This service allowed us to avoid the rental lines and hit the slopes before the crowds, while feeling comfortable and confident — so crucial for a solid day on the mountain for newbies like us,” says Turner.

Brentano and Turner were blown away by the customer service — from both Ski Butlers and Beaver Creek. (Warm chocolate chip cookies served on a silver platter anyone?) When getting fitted for boots, Turner had a few existing issues that needed to be addressed, including a bone spur and one foot that is a half size larger than the other. Our Ski Butlers rep showed me how to micro adjust the middle instep buckle to give me a little bit more room above the affected area,” says Turner. We also talked at length about boot sizes. Because of the extra time we spent getting the fit just right, I didn’t need to swap sizes, but it was nice to know that option existed.”

After getting their equipment dialed, Brentano and Turner enjoyed ski in/​ski out access from their condo and headed out early to hone their skills. Epic adventures are all about covering new territory and having fun with friends, but when you’re surrounded by gorgeous scenery, that’s what really seals the deal,” says Brentano. Cruising along runs that open up to views of the Rocky Mountains was full sensory overload for me. I’ve only recently gotten into skiing and every time I go, I get more stoked about it.”

The green runs at Beaver Creek were some of the longest they had skied and they had time to really hone their skills. Both women felt their confidence grow. Learning to ski as an adult is not easy — I take a lot of falls and I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be able to go on trips with some of my friends who have been doing this for years,” says Brentano. But getting my feet into the right gear is one less thing to worry about, and I’ll definitely be using Ski Butlers until I feel like I’m ready to make the commitment to buy my own equipment.” Luckily for these two avid travelers, Ski Butlers services resorts across North America and Europe. Next time Brentano and Turner want to rent gear, their profile will list what they enjoyed at Beaver Creek so that their next ski adventure will be as seamless as the last.

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