How We Keep Our Skis Tuned to Perfection

Here at Ski Butlers we pride ourselves in making sure all of our equipment meets our high standards before it’s delivered to you. We take our equipment and tuning standards seriously because nobody likes getting ready for their first run of the day only to realize that their skis aren’t waxed or their edges are dull. This means having to go back to the ski shop and either swapping them out or waiting for someone to tune the skis, taking away from valuable time on the mountain and enjoying your winter vacation. Luckily these are problems you won’t have to worry about when using Ski Butlers equipment because we take these things into consideration to ensure that you’re spending less time worrying about your skis and more timing enjoying the mountain.


The most overlooked part of quality ski conditions is the ski storage cycle. Making sure skis are prepared for the off-season allows the ski to stay in mint condition for the upcoming year. Storing skis in the off season is all about preventing rust from forming on the edges and protecting the base,” says Jackson Hurley, our Park City Tuner. In order to do this at the end of every season we inspect each ski and perform repairs as needed. Once repairs are complete skis are wiped, clean, then a medium to thick layer of wax is applied over the base and base edge.” Once the wax is removed at the beginning of each season the skis then go through our regular tuning process to ensure the skis are in perfect shape for your vacation to the mountain.

Pick Ups

Once skis have been picked up from customers, they are then taken back to one of our shops to be tuned over and inspected for further damages. Our Ski Techs clean and dry off edges while inspecting the base of the ski for core shots that may need to be covered in p‑tex before giving them a new coat of wax and then hanging them back on the racks for the next customer. This process of tuning the skis the minute they get back to the shop allows our Ski Techs to give maximum care to the skis before they are delivered to the next customer. If the skis are returned with a bit more than some minor scratches it’s time to take out the big guns and send those skis over to our Montana Crystal Rock tuning robot to ensure they are brought back to mint like condition.

Montana Crystal Rock

Montana Machine
Skis being ready to be tuned

Our new tuning machine, which was first unveiled last year, has become a game changer with its ability to tune skis. If it takes more than 10 minutes to tune then it is sent to our Montana tuning machine for total love and care,” says Jackson. The machine’s ability to stone grind the bases of skis into mint condition allows our Ski Tuners to buff out any core shots that might have been taken over the course of your trip. Additionally, the tuning machine also makes it easier then ever for us to change the dynamics of the ski in order for it to fit any skiing ability. This allows you the comfort of knowing that your skis aren’t just waxed but also that they have been specifically tuned to your skill set in order to make sure you’re having the best time possible out there on the slopes.

Want to learn more about our equipment? Click here to check out all of our equipment packages. Thinking of using Ski Butlers for your winter vacation this year? You can book with us right here, or click here to read some reviews from other happy customers. We can’t wait to see you out on the slopes this winter!

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