Montana Tuning Machine in Full Swing

Two years ago we invested in, what may be, the greatest piece of ski tuning technology in the world. This extraordinary machine is called the Montana Crystal Rock and ever since it first dropped down at our headquarters in Park City, it has been helping maintain our equipment to the highest standards that both us and our customers have come to expect.

Every summer our team collects every single one of our skis and snowboards from across all of our locations and brings them to Park City. Here each ski goes through the process of being thoroughly inspected and in some cases repaired by our ski tuning guru, Jackson Hurley. Jackson has been with the company for five years now and in those years has gained an expert understanding of what it takes in order to keep our equipment at the highest quality possible. 

Each individual ski is examined for any imperfections that may exist from a long season of ripping on the snow,” says Jackson. These inspections include checking the bases for core shots, top sheet repair, and cracked edges, all things that Jackson can attend to before the skis are finally placed within our Montana robot.

One of the processes that Jackson does is p‑tex the bases on the skis if they have any core shots that can’t be buffed out through the grinding process in the Montana. This means filling in these gashes with melted plastic that helps protect the cores of the skis and keeps the bases in good condition. 

Once placed within the Montana, Jackson is able to precisely customize the edge degree along with the base grind to make sure that every ski comes out looking just as good as the first day that it touched snow. With the Montana’s GRIPtech system it allows the edges to be so finely tuned that every ski comes out with race-like edges that used to only be available to the pros. 

The whole process almost looks like the skis are going through a car wash and you’ll feel just as good riding them after a tune through the Montana as you would driving your car out of the garage. Once the skis have gone through a finished grind and structure cycle, I then reinspect the skis to ensure anyone riding them would be more than happy.”

This whole system just adds to one of the many reasons why Ski Butlers has continued to be the best rental delivery service in the world. We pride ourselves on dedicating the time to make sure that every one of our skis is in pristine condition before the season begins in order to ensure we are giving our customers that legendary service that they have come to know. 

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