Mountain Biking in Vail

The trails are ALL TIME right now, and the gondola accessed riding at Vail opened on July 17th. Whether you are a beginner who needs to rent a bike, or an advanced free rider, there is something at Vail for everybody. Here are a few of our favorite trails in the area.

Plenty of Beginner Terrain:

We know mountain biking can look intimidating to the untrained eye. But we ALSO know how alluring it can feel watching a bike confidently ripping down the mountain. Intrigued, but cautious? No need to fear! There are plenty of trails for beginners at Vail. Kids or cautious beginners can begin on Cub’s Way, before graduating to the Grand Traverse. Be patient with yourself that first ride, and remember to try to stay a little loose behind the bars. Want some help? Take a clinic!

Classic Intermediate Trails:

There’s nothing better than spending hour after hour cruising across the mountain. Amiright? If you’ve packed your bike to Vail to explore the beautiful trails, you won’t be disappointed. The Game Creek Trail and Meadow Mountain Loop both span miles of beautiful terrain outside of Vail (if you want to take a break from the gondola). Looking for a quick loop outside of Vail Village? Check out the Red Sandstone Rd to Middle Creek is perfect for a short ride before grabbing a slice at Vendettas.

Challenge yourself at Vail

You didn’t come to Vail to be pampered, did you? If you’re willing to work for some of the best views in the area, you definitely want to check out Bowman’s Shortcut to Vail. Trust us. Wanna push your legs and lungs and pass that 20 mile mark? Check out Son of Buffehr! This climbing loop rewards it’s riders with some flowy sections of downhill.

Stay for the Weekend

Can’t choose just one trail to ride? You’re in luck! Vail is just as fun in Summer as it is in the winter! Whether you decide to pamper yourself at the Vail Mountain Lodge, or go for a more adventurous stay in the beautiful nearby town of Minturn, you will be in high mountain heaven. Grab a bite to eat at locals’ favorites Up the Creek or Bully Ranch, and be sure to stop for a beer at the classic Minturn Saloon.

Vali is one of our favorite mountain towns, and we are looking forward to helping you out this winter. Want to read about how we have served others? Here are some reviews! Enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you on the slopes in a few months.

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