North Lake Tahoe Local Guide, Part Two


North Lake Tahoe offers stunning views, unique geological features including one of the largest Alpine Lakes in North America, and easy access to tons of outdoor activities. This region can appeal to people from all walks of life, as it offers not only access to human powered sports, but also a rich culture, excellent dining options, and a history that includes the Olympics back in 1960. Reports of a lake dwelling creature with a massive appetite and green skin, nicknamed Tessie, have circled the region for centuries, only adding to the mystic draw of this region and the history surrounding it. The North Lake Tahoe region is home to a number of small towns, including Incline Village, Kings Beach, and the most iconic, Truckee. Not only is this place famous for its ski resorts, but it is also able to offer water sports not available in many other ski destinations.

The Apres scene in North Lake Tahoe is varied and world renowned; good news after a long day of skiing, hiking, biking, or doing any of the countless activities offered by this region. For a waterfront experience, check out Jake’s on the Lake, which has been family owned and operated since 1978, and is nestled down in Tahoe City. For something a little more casual, try T’s Mesquite Rotisserie, who is famous for their counter serve Mexican food featuring tacks, burritos, and other rotisserie meats in a very relaxed setting. As for an option who can do both, enjoy an upscale experience or a bar style meal in 2 different restaurants both operated by the Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge, who also has an outside deck for the summertime that you won’t want to miss. For a romantic date up in the classic ski town of Truckee, make a reservation at Pianeta, who serves up possibly the best Italian food in all of Tahoe.

Truckee, California is an excellent resource for learning more about the entire North Lake Tahoe experience. The town, whose slogan is Base Camp for a Big Life’, embodies the spirit of the area has a vibe that is both welcoming and exciting to experience. If you need information on the multiple public transit schedules and routes available to the public in the North Lake Tahoe area, head to https://​www​.gota​hoenorth​.com, as they will be able to direct you towards the best resource for your needs. North Lake Tahoe is home to a number of special events that your trip to the area may coincide with, so it’s worth looking once you book your trip. If you happen to get lucky with timing, each year at Squaw Valley they host a craft beer, skiing, and bluegrass festival all rolled into one wonderful event called Winter Wondergrass. As I write this, the upcoming events feature Opening Day at the Lake’, in which open deck parties offer live music, summer tours, museums, and restaurant deals. For a more comprehensive list and calendar, head back to the website linked above and head to the events section, as they provide an excellent resource!

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