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You’ve heard about our tuning machine, but what about our newest fleet of Rossignols?

Part of being the best ski rental delivery service in the world means carrying the best skis and boards. Today on the blog, we will break down the main highlights of our new rental fleet. 

Soul 7

The Soul 7 has continued to be our most requested ski, and is one of the most popular skis in the industry. With a 106mm underfoot, this ski is made for powder days but can be put to the test in just about any conditions. Many, if not all Ski Butlers employees have the Soul 7 and refer to it as their true everyday ski.” What makes the Soul 7 so special? Let’s start with the air-tip core. Rossignol injects air into the tip of these skis to make it lighter and more flexible. This also shifts the majority of the weight under the skier’s foot which allows for more control and responsiveness. The lighter core also helps this ski truly float over the snow, which is what makes it an iconic powder ski. For our types II & III skiers here at Ski Butlers, the Soul 7 can help improve ski levels because you will be able to explore parts of the mountain you hadn’t been able to on more narrow skis. 


The Sky 7 is closely related to the Soul 7 but has different dimensions. You may notice that they look similar, because they have the same idea on construction with the airtip core and carbon alloy matrix. The Sky is 98mm underfoot so it does well in powder but is also more geared towards all-mountain carving and tree skiing than the Soul is. 


The Super 7 is the do-anything powder ski in the 7 line. The Super 7 is 120mm underfoot, so they are very much geared towards powder skiing. They can handle groomers, but they thrive on soft snow. The Super 7 also has the same construction of the Soul 7 but has different dimensions. This is a very popular, and highly requested ski in our Jackson Hole location. 


Initially created as a lightweight touring ski, the Seek 7 sits at 86mm underfoot and can be skied as an all mountain ski. 


The Experience line is Rossignol’s carving-oriented ski line, and our second most popular rental. This is a true all-mountain carving ski that can allow the skier to explore different terrain throughout their vacation. Each pair of Experience skis is followed by a number: 74, 80, 88, etcetera, and these numbers are correlated with the width of the underfoot. Additionally, many of these skis come with a Ti” in the name. What does this stand for? Titanol Core. While many skis are built from the base to the top sheet, these particular skis are built from the middle outward. The lighter tip allows for more flotation, cleaner transfers, and shock dampening. Since the profile is free riding inspired with an emphasis on carving, this is a great groomer ski for our customers. 


The Black Ops is one of those pairs of skis where, if you know, you know. Ever popular with our employees here at Ski Butlers, this is a very exclusive and elusive line. So much so, in fact, that there is only one place in the world where you can rent Black Ops…our Atelier by Ski Butlers shop in Aspen, Colorado. The Black Ops 118 were built for aggressive skiers. The Black Ops 98 were made for the more advanced skier who may want to spend just as much time ripping down corduroy as they do in the trees on a powder day. The Black Ops 98 have been referred to as Ferraris, and for good reason. This ski can do just about anything. Want to ski soft snow? Crush groomers? Glide over crud? It doesn’t matter- the Black Ops 98 can handle it. 


Snowboarders, don’t worry…we haven’t forgotten about you! Some of the highlights of our featured snowboards is the Radcut Technology and 5S serrated edges. What is Radcut Technology? Radcut will give you smoother carving capabilities, and better shock dampening. The Serrated edges are supposed to create a more fluid turning motion with better control on groomers. 

Now that you’ve read up on all that our skis and boards have to offer, we would like to remind you to reserve your rentals sooner than later. The season is fast-approcaching, and we can’t wait to see you on the slopes soon! 

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