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When I walk into a restaurant, a shop, fly on an airline or shop online, the first thing that I do is break down the customer service. It is probably a bit too much and sometimes it even drives me crazy. However, Ski Butlers was founded on customer service and we live and breathe it each and every day and therefore it is always on the front of my mind and the front of the teams mind.

So how do we WOW our customers?

  • Culture
  • Empowerment
  • Measurement


From the first day a team member starts working at Ski Butlers at the beginning of the season, to that last day, we talk about customer service. It is our first Core Value – Deliver Legendary Service. It is in our Vision Statement — To deliver happiness to our customers, team members and partners by delivering legendary service. It is spoken at the start of each meeting. There isn’t a day where the words customer service” are not lived at Ski Butlers.


Team members are trained, allowed and encouraged to do things to make the customer have a better experience without ever asking a manager. We expect them to give the customer surprise upgrades, to help them plan other parts of their vacation, to have the customer see us smile on the phone call” or to give out a free Ski Butlers t‑shirt.

If there is ever a service problem, the ski techs can do whatever they need to do to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. They can offer a free day, a free upgrade, listen to their needs or whatever it might be that will be in the best interest of the customer at the time. Our ski techs are taught to act fast and solve the problem for the customer, so our customers can stay on vacation.


I can’t go into the exact details of measurement but we inspect, we rank, we reward with bonuses, and much more. It is holding our team accountable, yet rewarding and recognizing when they exceed expectations. Rewarding the team is the rocket fuel of our customer service program.

Why is customer service so important at Ski Butlers?

Simple: If a customer has a great experience with us, they will not only rent with us again but they will tell their friends and family. When their friends and family rent from us, they tell their friends and family. It is so simple and so rewarding, it is crazy that more companies don’t embrace it and the companies that do embrace it thrive! Think Zappos, Starbucks, Enterprise Rent a Car, LL Bean and more…

Oh, the places we will go!

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