Snowbird introduces Upgraded Snowbird Power Systems

Snowbird has recently announced that they have begun upgrading their power systems to a new cogeneration system, that will combine heat and power to bring, more efficient and reliable energy to the mountain,” as said by Snowbird on their website. 

This new system will replace Snowbird’s older cogeneration system that’s been running since 1986 and was seen as a world-renowned engineering feat. The basics of this system is to heat given off by the electricity-producing engines and redistributing that heat to warm the building and water of their Cliff Lodge. 

The new system won’t only be able to power the Cliff Lodge but also the majority of Snowbird’s resort. This includes Snowbird Center, Aerial Tram, and Snowbird’s other chairlifts. This will also allow Snowbird to become entirely independent from the rest of the electrical grid that powers Salt Lake City while also being coal free. The whole facility is the biggest project Snowbird has faced since constructing The Summit on Hidden Peak. 

This is a great step in the right direction for Snowbird to become more environmentally sustainable in the long run while also being a good playbook for what other resorts should do moving forward. The four biggest ski resort companies in the world recently came together to create a new climate change initiative to help combat the changing effects of climate change. With that and Snowbird’s new power system, it’s great to see the ski industry start to come together to figure out what the future holds for our sport.

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