Ski Butlers Blog posts for 'Pow'

New Snow on the Way and Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge!

Our Ski Butlers here in Breckenridge have been doing their snow dances and it looks like it is about to pay off. The forecast is calling for snow to begin on Saturday night, with a slight chance of the storm pushing in early Saturday afternoon.



Community Involvement: Why do we do it?

The simplest answer is, why not?  We recognize that we are a part of a mountain community that stretches across the globe from the Rockies of Colorado to the Himalayas of Nepal.  Whether we’re skiing down groomed resort trails or forging our own through the backcountry, the communities that come together around these magnificent mountains are some of the closest and tight-knit in the world.



How Ski Butlers is part of the Climate Change Solution

Written by Bryn Carey, President and Founder of Ski Butlers
Climate change is real, it is here. The debate is over. There is no debate. 97% of scientists agree, that human caused global warming is taking place. It is time that community leaders, local businesses, and government begin to come together to be a part of the solution of our generations biggest challenge.

Ski Butlers has become very active in becoming part of the climate change solution. We have partnered with Protect Our Winters, I am getting trained by the Climate Reality Leadership Program and we have educated ourselves through other mediums. It is our goal to help drive their membership so they can then educate, empower, and lobby the government to make changes.