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The Legendary Hobacks

With your legs burning, and nothing but deep, untracked snow in front of you, your mind has to scream at your legs to keep churning, as the excitement overcomes the lactic acid streaming through your quads. Pushing through your last five turns is the correct decision; you look behind you and the 2,500-foot slope is filled with snow and the tracks you’ve left behind.


Smith Head-Butts the Competition

Amidst an ever changing industry, something has been particularly trendy over the last few seasons.  We are seeing that almost everyone who lives in ski towns and the majority of people that travel in for ski vacations, are now wearing helmets. There are a bunch of reasons for this including first and foremost, safety but also comfort, warmth, and style.  At Ski Butlers, we are partnered with Smith Optics ( and we wouldn’t want it any other way.