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Winter Wildlife in Jackson Hole

With two National Parks within a stone’s throw Jackson Hole has the unique privilege of having two of the largest protected areas surrounding our town’s borders. As a result we have some fantastic opportunities to see wildlife you will not see anywhere else. After living in Jackson Hole for a few years I am no expert, but I do have some helpful hints to maximize the amount and variety of animals you will see when visiting Jackson.


3 Things to Know about Jackson Hole’s Teton Lift

With Jackson Hole’s 50th anniversary approaching, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has decided to give the mountains devout followers a present. The new Teton Lift opens on the anniversary date December 19th.. The new chair is somewhat controversial, but with new terrain becoming available it will be a race to see who gets first chair. Here are three of the most important things you need to know about the new chair.


The Legendary Hobacks

With your legs burning, and nothing but deep, untracked snow in front of you, your mind has to scream at your legs to keep churning, as the excitement overcomes the lactic acid streaming through your quads. Pushing through your last five turns is the correct decision; you look behind you and the 2,500-foot slope is filled with snow and the tracks you’ve left behind.