The Snow Has Arrived

The wait is finally over. After a surprisingly low snow season so far across the West Coast, the snow has started to dump, and here at Ski Butlers we couldn’t be more stoked for what the rest of the season has to offer. 

Across all of our locations new snow has rejuvenated the resorts, covering low bases with deep powder turns and face shots for everyone. If there was ever a time to come visit one of the many resorts that we service, the next few weeks will be perfect. Let’s dive right into it with a few updates across our locations with how much snow they’ve been getting. 

North/​South Lake Tahoe

Tahoe has been getting absolutely slammed the past few weeks. Since the beginning of January, Squaw Mountain has gotten over 180 inches of snow while Northstar has gotten about 130 inches. The famously high snow banks of North Tahoe have finally started to build up and with half the season still to go they should only be getting taller. 

South Lake Tahoe has also been experiencing quite the storm the past few weeks with Heavenly gaining an additional 120 inches while Sierra has gotten more than 170 inches. No matter if you are going to the North or South ends of the lake they’ll be more than enough snow for all your skiing pleasures. 

Jackson Hole

We’ve already talked how great the snow has been in Jackson Hole so far this year, but this latest storm has just continued to make Jackson the place to be this season if you’re looking for that steep and deep. Just in the past 48 hours Jackson has received more than 20 inches of powder, while over the course of January Jackson saw a record-breaking 168 inches. Making it the highest recorded snowfall in the past 45 years for the month. 

Big Sky

Big Sky has also been fortunate to get a bit more than 20 inches of new snow over the course of January, with the first week of February bringing another 7 inches with more on the way in the coming days. The big storm that Tahoe got a week ago seems to have just barely missed Big Sky but that new snow has still led to some fantastic skiing up in those Montana mountains. 

Park City/​Deer Valley

Now could not be a better time to visit Park City and Deer Valley, with their bases finally being filled in, the Greatest Snow on Earth” has finally returned just in time for President’s Weekend. Park City has received more than 35 inches of snow with more on the way and Deer Valley getting a little more than 37 inches of fresh powder over the course of January. For how dry this season has been so far this new snow has helped tremendously with filling in those steeper runs while also helping fill the woods for some fantastic woods skiing. With the forecast predicting even more snow to come in the next week, it’s finally time to break out those powder skis and to go find some freshies. 

No matter where you are planning on going this winter for a ski vacation, know that Ski Butlers is doing our part to make sure your trip is as safe and convenient as possible. If you haven’t made a reservation yet make sure to click here to set it up and begin getting stoked to get out there and hit the slopes.

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