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The Christmas Shift in Whistler

 As we appoach the Christmas Holidays there is a noticeable shift in the Resort of Whistler.


Incentivized on Customer Service

Core Value #1

Deliver Legendary Service

How do we deliver legendary service? With 10 locations and over 90 team members, how do we assure that every Ski Tech, General Manager, and Owner will execute this Core Value? It begins with our vision to “deliver happiness to our customers, team members, and partners by delivering legendary service.” This vision is not just a sign on the door of founder Bryn Carey’s office, or tucked into the signature of e-mails, but lived daily.



Telluride Adaptive Sports Program

Have you ever been riding the lift and seen someone arcing down the hill in a contraption that looks like a race car seat with a ski on the bottom?  That's a mono-skier, and they are probably part of TASP or Telluride Adaptive Sports Program.  Maybe you have come upon skiers with blaze orange vests on, one reading "Blind Ski Guide" and the other saying "Blind Guide".  Incredible!  TASP is constantly making the impossible possible.  Their trained staff and volunteers asses needs of the students, set up appropriate adaptive equipment and provide instruction and/or guiding to allow people to do things most of us would never think possible.  


Getting in Shape for Ski Season

It’s that time of year again! Time to put away the golf and tennis gear and start shuffling through all your closets and ski bags trying to find all that equipment you stored 9 months ago. It always seems to be scattered throughout my house and I wonder what was I thinking when I put this away?