Ski Butlers Blog - February 2016

History of Skiing: From Simple Transportation to High Speed Racing

For millions of people worldwide, there’s nothing better than barreling down a snow-covered mountain at breakneck speeds on a long pair of high-tech alpine skis. For others, gliding serenely through the snowy countryside on a pair of cross-country skis is pure ecstasy and enjoyment. Whatever skiing does for you, it’s a fact we have strapped skis to our feet and glided over snow for nearly five millennia now.


February 3rd Weekly Snow Reports, Photo & Review of the Week

Please enjoy our weekly blog post on Snow Reports from our 10 locations, also including a Photo & Review of the Week.


Core value #6: Hard Work is Expected and Rewarded

Our core values are taken seriously here at Ski Butlers.  Like a lot of companies, we went through the motions when we started, coming up with a very simple, yet impactful, vision and mission statement.  The core values, however are what really allowed us to not only see our vision and mission through, but also gave us the tools to grow smart in the ski rental delivery world.