Ski Butlers Blog - March 2020

Tips for eating healthy when you’re stuck at home

Even on a good day, getting to the grocery store can be tough.Combine that with Coronavirus safety, and you're looking at maybe 1-2 grocery store runs per month. Now that we are all #stayinghome to do our part in the fight against COVID-19, you should be keeping up with your healthy eating habits and workout routine. Here are some tips to keep you eating healthy at home. 


How to stay in shape for next ski season

With the early end to this year’s ski season, now isn’t the time to be lazy. Staying in shape will help you avoid noodle legs once you’re able to get back on the mountain next season. Here are some moves you can do right at home to help maintain ski-season shape.


How Ski Butlers made my ski trip incredible!

Growing up on the East Coast, I learned to ski on mountains that West Coasters would consider hills. When a friend of mine invited me to go out to Park City with her, I had so many questions: What do I pack? How do I rent skis and boots? What else should we do out there?