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A History of Skiing in The Tetons

In 1965 Jackson Hole Mountain Resort officially opened for the 1965/66 winter season, and Jackson Hole started its journey to become one of the most iconic ski towns in the world. Over the course of Jackson Hole’s now 50 continuous years of servicing skiers seeking to try some of the most difficult terrain in North America, the resort and the Jackson Hole area have provided some of the most influential moments in skiing history.



Jackson Hole: Not Just a Ski Town

Growing up on the east coast Jackson Hole was like an R rated movie; all of my friends had heard about how mind blowing it was, but none of us had actually seen it. We would pass along tales of the long snow filled runs, and the legendary Corbet’s Couloir. We never considered Jackson Hole’s rich history, or how magical Teton National Park is. Now that I have lived in Jackson for three seasons I am amazed at how many activities there are in the winter, with so many to choose from, I tried to narrow it down to the best of the best.


The Most Unique Skiing Experience

Do you dream of cascading through evergreens draped in snow, your vision vanishing with each turn as snow explodes around you? Do you love the adventure skiing provides, but crave more? Do you joke with friends at the top of mountains about bringing a hang-glider the next time you hike?