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Where do our seasonal employees work during the Summer?

As a seasonal business, Ski Butlers employes lots of awesome people in the wintertime that find other means of supporting themselves financially through the summer months.  Now that our shops have closed down for the summer, many folks in mountain towns are looking for work.  Common summer jobs in ski towns typically include working the summer tourist season, such as working as a raft guide or workong on a local golf course in some capacity. Although it can be challenging finding work each season, many people enjoy this consistent change of pace in their work environment. I wanted to take this opportunity to give an update to what a few of our employees from our Breckenridge location are doing this summer before returning to Ski Butlers in the fall.


Thanks for a Great Season!

Wow, what a winter it has been here at Ski Butlers.  It’s hard to believe that most ski resorts have already closed for the season and the locals have begun to make transition to the golf courses and bike trails. Where does the time go?


Words from a New Ski Butlers Owner

My name is Derek Rhodes and this past summer I purchased Ski Butlers Whistler.

It is November 6 and the busy winter season is fast approaching. I have a feeling of anxiousness and excitement in anticipation of this season. The autumn colours have fallen to the ground and Whistler has just received its first dusting of snow to the Valley.

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The Attitudes of a Ski Towns

Over the past decade I have had the fortunate experience to spend time in various ski towns around the Mountain West US.  At first they all seem the same; they all have a ski resort with a great town that assists in the overall experience.  Great skiing followed by great food and drinks, the perfect ski day on an awesome ski vacation.  Most would assume that the people who live in these towns must have it so good and life is like a vacation, but it’s not always so easy.

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