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Scenic Colorado Byways

When a person thinks of taking a “scenic” drive, they are most often going to ponder the idea of driving somewhere through Colorado. Although the United States is a very beautiful country, few states can rival the views that Colorado has to offer from its scenic byways.  I have put together 3 different drives to check out next time you or someone you know has the idea of getting behind the wheel and setting out to enjoy the scenery.
Northern Route:  Boulder to Steamboat Springs
Start out taking Highway 36 North from Boulder to Estes Park.  Once in Estes Park, enjoy the historic Main Street section for lunch at a wide variety of restaurants.  When leaving Estes Park, travel on Highway 34 West to Granby.  There are a few peaks along the way to observe including Deer, McGregor, Ypsilon, Specimen, Howard and Patterson.   You will also pass by Lake Granby on your way into town. Once you have arrived in Granby, head West on Highway 40 towards Steamboat Springs.  You will be greeted by vast wilderness and signs of wildlife the entire way until you arrive in Steamboat.  There are days of activities that can keep you busy in the Boat’ but the locals favorite is Strawberry Park Hot Springs!

Central Route (I-70):  Denver to Grand Junction
The main corridor of the High Rockies is Interstate 70.  It passes through the entire state as part of connecting the east coast to the west coast.  If you have never taken the day trip from Denver to Grand Junction, you are missing out!  There are a ton of mountain towns along the way that serve as possibilities for food, entertainment, sightseeing, local history, etc.  Some of the towns you will pass through or get nearby while taking this journey are Idaho Springs, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Palisade.  All of these towns boast their own unique tourist attractions and I promise, you will not get bored if you choose to make this trip!

Southern Route: Pueblo to Durango
You have two options for this route. Highway 50 or Highway 160 are the choices but either will serve as a satisfying choice for the folks on board.  Highway 50 is more North and will travel through Gunnison and Montrose along the Gunnison National Forest before heading South through Telluride and the San Juan National Forest to Durango.   If you choose the latter option, you will take the far South route and travel through Alamosa and Pagosa Springs before hitting Durango.  The San Juans in themselves are a mountain range like no other and will make it hard for the driver to keep their eyes on the road!

Hopefully you will have the chance to take a tour of one of these scenic byways in the near future and since we happen to be all over the state, stop in and say hello to your friends at Ski Butlers along the way!  Safe travels….


Where I would eat if I was Vacationing in Aspen

So I was originally going to write about "Eating Affordably in Aspen", you know, because the thinking is that you have to have a net worth of at least 500K to eat well around here.  Which at some places, you do.  But I got thinking, who wants to hear about that.  With "Bar" menus at most restaurants anyone can find a way to eat cheap.  Plus, Rachael Ray did this already.  So I thought, what if it was what I would do if I was a tourist and wanted to enjoy awesome places and make a whole day of it.  So here we go....this is what I would do if I was vacationing in Aspen this winter.


“Oh, the places we will go”

Starting a small business. 

WOW, time flies when you are having fun. It really, really flies.

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Vail's Last Day

Vail's 50th Birthday was this year! Fortunately for me, I spent 10 days skiing at Vail this season!  One of these days happened to be yesterday, which was closing day at Vail….

As the stories were passed down to me from locals and folks around town who experienced closing day in the past, it kept appearing to be a more and more desirable event  to attend. It was about two weeks ago when I made the decision that regardless of what I had going on April 14th, I was skiing Vail!

When I arrived to Vail yesterday with my girlfriend and a few skiing buddies, we were greeted with a fresh 15” that had dumped overnight!  Needless to say, the powder was endless and the turns were some of the best I had all year!

As tradition had it, 4 at 4 was the theme of the day (Be at the top of Chair 4 at 4:00). Amidst all the funky costumes and wacky skiing props, a huge party was forming.  Starting at about 1:30 in the afternoon, the lift line at chair 4 was consistently 100-200 people long.  My friends and I got on the chair around 3:00 to join the fun. When we arrived at the top, I could not believe how many people were there. There was live music, free prizes, competitions, food, vendors and so much more!  Eventually, the lifts stopped turning for the season at which point it became surreal.

There were thousands of people on top of Vail all celebrating a great season together and the vibe was great. The resorts back country crew lit off the remainder of the blasting material leftover from the season which erupted through the Vail Valley and enraged the crowd. It was a day I will never forget and a perfect ending to another incredible winter in the Rocky Mountains!

With all the fresh snow we are currently receiving, it is hard to believe I will have to wait until next year to ski Vail. As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun” and in Colorado where it's always fun,I will be skiing the back bowls again before I know it!

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