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Night Skiing Comes Out West

Have you ever been night skiing? If you grew up in the Northeast of the US you most likely have.  The trend of resorts ether implementing or upgrading night skiing is becoming more and more prevalent even in the West.  Why is this? Lighting technology.  The lights have become inexpensive to run, not as obtrusive to homes in the area, and really gives great visability when skiing under them.


Don't Count Us Out Yet - A Dry Start to the Sierra Winter

As I step outside on what I would expect to be a brisk, snowy January morning in the Sierras, I am greeted by a near blinding sun.  The temperatures are hovering around 50 degrees.  Is this is a winter? Or should I break out my bathing suit and pack a picnic for the beach? As I reach for my towel and sandals, I shake my head in disgust.  This is winter!  What am I doing?  This isn’t a time for stand up paddle boards and margaritas on the beach, this is time for skiing!  Where is the snow? What is going on here?  The snow guns on the mountains in the Tahoe area are on full blast as resorts scramble to meet demand.  The conditions are nearly perfect considering the lack of natural snowfall.  A spring day in January can’t be all that bad when the “Polar Vortex” (as terrifying as that sounds) is dropping temps into -40s around the country.   Eh, could be worse, I think to myself. 

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To Piste, or not to Piste

To piste, or not to piste: that is the question:
Whether 'tis radder in the mind to shred
The fluffy powder stashes of secret,
Or to arc the pristine groomers of plenty,
And to choose between?  It's fun, with smile;
Once more, and with smile to say we laugh
We laugh with full face grin, our way to the bottom.....
-Bill Skispeare


Ready to Deliver Legendary Service

When I walk into a restaurant, a shop, fly on an airline or shop online, the first thing that I do is break down the customer service. It is probably a bit too much and sometimes it even drives me crazy.  However, Ski Butlers was founded on customer service and we live and breathe it each and every day and therefore it is always on the front of my mind and the front of the teams mind.