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Words from a New Ski Butlers Owner

My name is Derek Rhodes and this past summer I purchased Ski Butlers Whistler.

It is November 6 and the busy winter season is fast approaching. I have a feeling of anxiousness and excitement in anticipation of this season. The autumn colours have fallen to the ground and Whistler has just received its first dusting of snow to the Valley.

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Gear Heads Corner - Highlighting Our Partners

Gear Heads Corner - Highlighting our Partners

Gear can make or break your ski vacation. For this reason, Ski Butlers offers industry leading skis and boards from Rossignol and Dynastar, as well as clothing and goggles from Smith, Patagonia, and Smartwool. The ski hill is no fun if you can’t see through your scratched goggles, have frozen feet because your cotton tube socks don’t wick away moisture, and you're on a pair of skis that should be hanging in a museum rather than on your feet!


Earn Your Views - Telluride Hiking

It's that time of year when the snow begins to fall and you can't quite ski, but you can't bike or hike up high - you want to do something.  This is one of the great conundrums of "off-season" or "shoulder seasons" - that limbo between summer and winter.  In Telluride, there are some amazing low-elevation hikes that will be mostly snow free and will give you amazing views.  (I realize there are amazing views wherever you are in Telluride, but these are only available to those willing to put in the effort.)  So grab an extra pair of socks, a walking stick/ski pole and some water - it's go time.


Ski Movies: Pumping you up for the best season of your life. Featuring TGR’s “Way of Life” trailer

Once the ski season ends, we tend to turn off the “winter-switch” and let ourselves get caught up in the fast approaching summer.  We get out our bikes, dusted off, our kayaks and rafts get brought back to life and we let summer take us over.  And just as quickly as it seemed summer had started, suddenly it’s fall and the temperatures start dropping.  What a feeling!  I know for me personally, it tears me up inside.  My love for the short winded, sunny, warm days of summer start battling it out with frosty mornings, hot beverages and crackling fireplaces.  My bike starts looking less inviting as my skis suddenly jump out of the woodworks, screaming for attention.  So I give in...

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