Ski Butlers Blog - Stephany Traylor

Ski Butlers Steamboat’s 2016/17 Team: Built from a Culture of Customer Service

One thing that we take very seriously here at Ski Butlers Steamboat is our shop culture. We firmly belive that a happy team creates happy customers!


The Greatest Team on Earth

Steamboat has an incredible energy.  The people of Steamboat are ambitious, passionate, positive and driven.  We are made of athletes, innovators, philanthropists and activists and these people are what make up our local businesses.  


Shaping up for the Ski Season

Fall has arrived and there’s still plenty of time left for bike riding, climbing and trail running.  But before you know it, there will be snow on the ground.  We all understand, as mountain dwellers, that once the rain starts falling and temps start dropping, preparing us for the winter ahead, we have to change our activities.


Why I work for Ski Butlers

Why I work for Ski Butlers - Steph Traylor, GM of Ski Butlers Steamboat

I joined the Ski Butlers team in 2010 with about 3 years of ski shop experience and just under a decade worth of experience in customer service.  I had gone to college, poked around in a multitude of careers varying from law to radio, and yet I continued my journey in search of the perfect fit.